Why Should The Environmental Protection Plastic Bag Be 0.025 Millimeters Thick?

Why should the environmental protection plastic bag be 0.025 millimeters thick?

Film blowing machine is the first equipment degradable plastic bag production line, polyethylene particles, color masterbatch, masterbatch degradation after mixing into the film blowing machine, particle slot into 200 DEG --250 DEG high temperature melting box melt into liquid, the air blown film machine, the initial formation of hollow shape of degradable plastic bags. And the thickness standard of 0.025 millimeter, also be in this one course of work checks. 0.025 mm is as environmental caliper degradable plastic bags are qualified or not, there are two main purposes: one is greater than 0.025 mm thickness degradable plastic bag with high degree of toughness and resistance, can be used repeatedly, thereby enhancing the use, to prevent the people casually discarded. Secondly, such as the thickness and quality of light, discarded easily after the wind blows, and the thickness more than 0.025 mm of degradable plastic bags have a certain weight in wind resistance, can greatly avoid flying all over the sky that tree.

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