Why Shopping Tote Are Widely Used

     Non-woven bag color printing is now used more printing is gravure film printing, laminating generally can be divided into 2 kinds, one is covered with bright film or light film, another kind is called covered matte film, these 2 kinds of laminating effect still have certain difference, for the first time do color printing coated bag customers may have a lot of do not understand, now simple to introduce their differences. We are in the Non-woven fabric laminating, the first is to produce the film, and then the laminating machine heated through the high temperature will be non-woven and PP membrane together, bright film is characterized by high gloss, we will see the surface of Non-woven bags will have reflective effect, color looks more colorful, image crystal, color retention will be longer. Second, the optical film (bright film) in the performance of radiation protection is better.Shopping Tote
    The surface of the matte film does not see reflective phenomenon, but the effect of the show more elegant, noble, tastes. Second, he can't prevent radiation. For cloth coated matte film or coated film (light film) according to the specific design picture, see our specific need to show a picture of how the effect. In terms of price, the cost of the matte film is one points higher than the bright film.Shopping Tote
   Non-woven shopping bags in life is an essential item, because it belongs to Non-woven fabric material, inherited many of its ideal features and advantages. At the same time through the careful planning of designers, multi-functional application is not a problem. Health: With food quarantine, distinguish between meat class, raw cooked food, not similar foods placed in different compartments, otherwise chaos collocation will lead to cross infection, and practical waterproof cloth production, isolation effect is better. Labor-saving: The design of some accessories, wrist, hand, palm respectively force, and the belt on the formation of a flattened force area, the timely heavy items will not hurt the hand, now many non-woven shopping bags and anti-Rob function.Shopping Tote
   Convenient: Waterproof cloth easy to dry, easy to clean, the main annex constitutes the whole, easy to retain; shopping bag folding and unwinding after the small volume, convenient to carry, shopping bags main accessories can be divided, more selective. Environmental protection: The use of Non-woven fabrics this very popular environmentally friendly materials, can be reused, recyclable. If you do not want to buy a large and small variety of shopping bags, the use of multi-functional Anhui Non-woven shopping bags, can meet a variety of needs and maintain a long time to use.Shopping Tote