What Kind Of Polyester Bag Is It

What kind of polyester bag is it?

Polyester bag material is polyester fabric, its characteristics: high strength; good elasticity: no wrinkle; good heat resistance; good water absorption; good light resistance; poor dyeability.

The material of the plastic bag is polyethylene. It is translucent and feels lubricated. It looks like the surface is coated with a layer of wax. The sound is brittle when it is shaken. It is flammable, and it is dripping when burning.

Polyester room temperature dust bag is the most widely used dust bag, not only chemical properties are stable, and raw materials are cheap, using polyester staple fiber made by acupuncture. The well-prepared polyester dust-removing cloth bag was felt-like, with a thickness of 2 mm. The fibers on the surface were irregularly piled, and the other side was calendered. Polyester normal-temperature dust bags are widely used, not only in the dust removal industry, but also in many other industries, for example, some companies use it as a soft connection, etc., which are related to the use of the properties of polyester filter media.

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