What Is Humanized Packaging Design

American designer Pross said: “People always think that there are three dimensions of design: aesthetics, technology, and economy. However, what’s more important is the fourth dimension: humanity.”

Simply put, it is a people-oriented packaging design, one of which is to design a meaningful and gracious thing to people through shape, text, name and voice.

From a modern design point of view, more emphasis is placed on human factors in packaging design. "What is a good design? With today's ever-changing conditions in terms of technological level, market needs, and aesthetic interest, it is difficult to have the criteria for constant judgment. But one thing is constant: that is, people pay full attention to design. The value of people comes first."

This also shows that the design is human's design, that is to meet the physical and psychological needs of people, material and spiritual needs. In this sense, the emergence of design humane and humanized design is entirely due to the nature of design requirements. Therefore, the humanization of the design also becomes the constant standard for judging the design quality.