What Is Biodegradable Plastic Bags?

What is biodegradable plastic bags?

Raw material mix is the first process plastic bag production line, first of all, a good mixture of polyethylene masterbatch, white particles add an opaque white, these particles called biodegradable masterbatch, are key characteristics of degradable plastic bags, its composition is calcium carbonate, can be embedded in the ground in the sunlight, temperature, water, under the action of microorganisms, to start the chain scission and degradation in about 3 months, crushed into powder, the natural environment is gradually absorbed. (finished bags in the warehouse do not touch the water, within a year and a half will not be broken down, the intensity is not affected. It is of great significance to environmental protection and improvement of the environment. The masterbatch is mainly determined biodegradable plastic bags to produce color after.

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