What Is A PP Woven Bag

What is a PP woven bag

Woven bag, also known as snake skin. It is a kind of plastic bag, which is used for packing, and its raw materials are all kinds of chemical plastic materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene and so on. The knitting density refers to the number of roots of the warp and weft yarn in the 100mm * 100mm woven fabric.

The provisions of the national standard GB/T8946-1998, "the bag out flat, in the bag on the two corner delineated 100mm * 100mm two box, box and bag outside edge away from the 100mm, visual box, weft root number, average count, when the destination at the end of a time, according to a meter." At the same time, the density is stipulated in the national standard, and the density tolerance is stipulated. The weave density depends mainly on the packaging product, which is determined by the user.

raw material

Glossary: plastic woven bags mainly: plastic woven bag is a polypropylene (PP English) as the main raw material by extrusion, stretch yarn, and then by weaving, preparation, and bag.

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