What Are The Important Things To Know About The Production Process Of A Woven Bag?

What are the important things to know about the production process of a woven bag?

Since the fifteen plan released, happened to turn the world upside down the changes of China's woven bag production, not only from the nationwide production base has changed, but also from the bags of material has been tremendous change, so we need to change the future should pay attention to what matters?

The first is that we need to pay attention to matters, and then woven bag production time, to choose what kind of area, because the fifteen planning way, different regions of different preferential measures, profit in terms of land use, local tax and so on, these will greatly improve our products the competitiveness.

The second thing we need to pay attention to is the material problem of our woven bags. Before many manufacturers used polyethylene as the material, and now we mainly use polypropylene as the main raw material. It is mainly because polyethylene is too soft, but has no corresponding pulling force and elasticity, so it is abandoned, but polypropylene is different, including the packaging requirements we need now, is the best material selection.

The above two aspects are the problems that we need to pay attention to in the production of woven bags in the fifteen plan, and hope to help our friends.

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