What Are The Different Types Of Ice Packs?

What are the different types of ice packs?

Non-woven bag

Non-woven ice pack Atlas

The four - tier technology ice consists of two non woven layers of woven material, which are combined with trade secret formulas to compress into a special form of cross-linked polymer refrigerant of polybasic acrylic polyols. On the inside of the two plays a key role in the plastic layer using one-way micro perforation technology, the plastic layer is bonded to the textile material layer, ensure that the new model can withstand the most severe weather in the process of transportation, this is undoubtedly an innovation performance.

1, ice bag is an ice cream upgrade alternative products, more applicability, its easy to use, health, wide range of uses.

2, for medical high fever, cooling, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, cold compress, beauty, sprains, bleeding, pus, skin care and other auxiliary physical therapy.

3, refrigerated transport of various biological refrigeration reagents, solder paste, poultry medicine, drugs, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, poultry, ornamental fish and foreign trade preservation of food long distance refrigerated transportation.

4, for athletes in the course of training and competition in addition to bumps, sprains, falls and so on.

5, daily life cool storage and electricity saving, when the refrigerator power failure to maintain low temperature, food preservation, iced drinks, travel carrying.

6, its effective use of cold capacity is 6 times the same volume of ice.


Standard technology ice side is high density plastic, one side is non-woven fabric

Ice bag

Ice pack Atlas

Is mainly used for perishable products, biological agents and all products need to be refrigerated transport (if the transport technology of ice removal, together with the product can not be back for repeated use, recommend the use of standard layer two) standard technology while the design is a one-time use of ice, but in the use of careful, can also be the use of multiple (Note: but compared, and not HDR type four layer four layer HDR type ice technology, repeated use, and double use)

The use of ice technology method: first the technology of ice on the water, knead by hand, make ice technology expansion, expansion to 1 cm for the best, take out the water after the expansion of dry surface, and then placed in the refrigerator can be used.

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