What Are The Common Non Woven Bag Printing Methods

What are the common non woven bag printing methods?

The common market of non-woven bag printing mainly thermosetting ink printing, water slurry printing, senior high elastic thermal printing, handling advanced environmental protection mortar printing, glue foaming printing and other types.

Here we will simply introduce the printing technology of these differences.

1, ink printing, ink for non solvent ink, can print precision lines, and flat appearance, good fastness, has not dry version, no odor, high solid content, squeegee good fluidity, can also be automatic printing technology, printing machine and other strengths, now this kind of printing technology used for clothing, handbags and T-shirt printing industry.

2, the senior water slurry printing printing technology compared with other printing technology, is one of the most traditional printing technology. Because the water is bright color, can only be printed on the right light cloth, printing effect is single. But from the printing trend, because of its super soft feel, strong permeability, expressive power and many large designer love.

3, high elasticity heat transport printing, which is a new type of printing technology, heat transfer printing is suitable for cotton and non-woven printing, can greatly improve the level of environmental protection shopping bags. With its unique advantages of mass production, it has become a widely used printing technology for non-woven bag manufacturers.

4, a senior environmental protection mortar printing, the printing technology advantage mainly covering ability in strong fashion color, picture clarity, suitable printing printed lines marginal regularity, overprint precision, used in high fashion, T-shirt printing, suitable cloth is the most widely.

5, foam printing, this printing technology is to participate in foaming material in the mortar, after printing by high temperature ironing make printing parts protruding appear three-dimensional feeling. Because of the complexity of the printing process, only a small number of non-woven bag factories use this technology.

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