What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Main Materials Of Gift Bags And Handbags?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the main materials of gift bags and handbags?

Gift bag is a kind of packaging, it is a bag for putting and packing gifts. Gift bags are usually made of three materials: plastic, paper and cloth. Nowadays, people can see the use of gift bags everywhere. A beautiful gift bag can better display your gifts. With the changing lifestyles, consumers' demand for gift bags is getting higher and higher. So why choose different material bags, that is because everyone's idea is different, each bag making cost and process are different; the paper gift bag, hand bag is the most expensive, the second is non-woven, the cheapest is plastic bag. Of course, the price is on the one hand. Some people value the price and the publicity effect and the actual effect. Today, Xiaobian is going to talk about the different materials of gift bags and handbags.

First, paper gift bags: this kind of handbag, gift bag is the most expensive, but a bit better, that is the effect of printing, it looks really nice, the color pattern looks very beautiful; it is really a bit, so many people choose paper handbags, gift bags for a good effect, but the gift bag; but It also has many shortcomings: paper bag is expensive, the quality is also poor, the firmness is not good, it is easy to break, and can not touch water.

Two, non-woven gift bag: nonwoven fabric is a non-woven fabric, which directly uses high polymer chips, short fibers or filament through a variety of fiber mesh forming methods and consolidation technology formed a soft, breathable and flat structure of the new fiber products. Non woven bag as gift bag, the handbag is a bit of durable endurance, cheap, non woven bag or environmental protection products, as environmental protection bags for the masses of use, it does not pollute the environment, can be recycled, the shortcoming is that no paper bag printing so exquisite.

Three, plastic bag: the main material is PVC. PVC material, PVC, is one of the largest plastic products in the world. It is cheap and widely used. PVC resin is white or light yellow powder. Different additives can be added according to different uses, and PVC plastics can exhibit different physical and mechanical properties. A variety of hard, soft and transparent products can be made by adding a suitable amount of plasticizer into PVC resin. As for plastic bags, it is not only of low grade but also of poor quality. The only advantage is that the price is low.

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