The Use Of Environmental Protection Kits By The Public At Home Is Low

The use of environmental protection kits by the public at home is low

With the implementation of the “Limiting Plastic Order”, “environmental bags” that are conducive to recycling, colors, textures, and styles have also emerged. Now, shopping with "bags" will not only be considered old-fashioned but will become a new fashion.

Because of the low cost and the environmental protection trend of the entire society, the environmental protection bag has quickly become a common way for companies to advertise. Supermarket sales, commercial distribution, lucky draw prizes, conference commemoration, and the appearance of eco bags can be seen everywhere. Is it really an "environmentally friendly" bag because these eco-bags that have not been exploited due to the proliferation of distribution and can only be finally discarded? Some experts said that the manufacturing process of eco-bags is also costly. If the use rate is low and the rejection rate is high, it is also not environmentally friendly.

Eco bags become flooding with advertising darlings

In order to curb white pollution, on June 1, 2008, China began to implement the "plastic limit order." It is stipulated that a system of paid use of plastic shopping bags should be implemented at all supermarkets, shopping malls, bazaars and other retail establishments, and the people should be called upon to reclaim the "vegetable baskets" and "cloth bags."

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