The Stability Of The Shopping Tote

Non-woven shopping bags are made of plastic non-woven fabrics, many people think that cloth is a natural material, and in fact is a misunderstanding. Commonly used non-woven raw materials for polypropylene (English referred to as PP, commonly known as polypropylene) or polyethylene terephthalate (English referred to as PET, commonly known as polyester), plastic bags of raw materials are polyethylene, although the two substances similar names , But in the chemical structure is very different.Shopping Tote

Polyethylene chemical structure has a very strong stability, very difficult to degrade, so the plastic bags need 300 years to break down; and polypropylene chemical structure is not strong, the molecular chain is easy to break, which can be effectively degraded , And in the non-toxic form into the next cycle of the environment, a non-woven shopping bags in 90 days can be completely decomposed. Essentially, polypropylene (PP) is a typical variety of plastic, and the pollution to the environment after disposal is only 10% of the plastic bag.Shopping Tote

Plastic shopping bags are daily consumables, China's annual consumption of a large number of plastic shopping bags. Plastic shopping bags in the convenience of consumers at the same time, due to excessive use and recycling is not in place and other reasons, but also caused a serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution. Especially the ultra-thin plastic shopping bags easy to break, most were arbitrarily discarded, as "white pollution" the main source. Plastic shopping bags Plastic shopping bags are made of resin as the main raw material, in the sales, service and other places for goods and other goods, and used to carry the bag products.Shopping Tote

The new standard stipulates that plastic shopping bags should have environmental statements, such as "to protect the environment and save resources, please use multiple times" and other content; should have warnings and safety instructions, such as "in order to avoid and prevent suffocation and other risks, Infants and young children "; direct contact with food plastic shopping bags should be marked" food "words. Plastic shopping bags are generally resin or white color, other colors should be agreed by the supply and demand sides; there should be no obvious smell and so on.Shopping Tote