The Purpose And Type Of Green Bag

The purpose and type of green bag

Environmental protection bag is all kinds of businesses often used to customize bags, different needs of businesses custom tote bags is not the same purpose, willing to spend the cost is not the same. Some businesses make handbags for the purpose of advertising. Some businesses tailor their handbags for consumer convenience from the point of view of customer service. Others also increase the added value of goods for packaging goods. Custom tote bag. Therefore, according to different uses, we mainly divide eco-friendly tote bags into advertising tote bags, shopping tote bags and gift tote bags. The following for everyone to explain in detail.

        Advertising bag design focuses on the steady development of advertising promotion, through the graphic ideas, symbol recognition, text description and color printing stimulus, triggering consumer's attention, resulting in intimacy and promote product sales. Advertising bag design occupies most of the market, advertising bags are also divided into shopping bag, promotional bag, brand handbag, VI plan to promote handbags.

          Shopping bag is designed for supermarkets and shopping malls. Shopping mall in order to facilitate consumer shopping, connection and the feelings of consumers, and designed a special bag. Such bags are more plastic material, compared with other handbag, structure, material are more solid, more able to accommodate more items, shopping bag on the visual factors, mainly supermarket promotional logo, highlighting the supermarkets, shopping malls Image, convey shopping information.

        Gift bag is to enhance the value of gifts, carrying gifts and convenient handbag design. Gift bag design more sophisticated style, graphic gorgeous, beautiful, very nice look, built-in gifts.

        Different uses of the bag, the required quality and grade are not the same, while the cost of calling there is a greater disparity, so businesses in the custom-made green bag, you must figure out the purpose and purpose, from their own needs and choose their own price Quality green bag.

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