The Product Features And Use Range Of The Wine Bag

The product features and use range of the wine bag

The wine bag is a kind of wine container which is made of cloth. The main materials are cloth bags, non-woven fabrics, canvas, Oxford cloth and other kinds of cloth, and it is also a kind of environmental protection bag.

Product features:

One, exquisite and beautiful. Because cloth can be applied to various printing processes, such as screen printing, bronzing, hot silver, embroidery, thermal transfer printing, etc., it can print various patterns logo according to customer requirements, enrich product contents, and make the appearance of products more suitable for needs.

Two. It is convenient to use. Since the fabric itself makes the wine bag material light, light weight; the cord closing, the holding and carrying wine conveniently. Three, the fabric has both flexibility and wear resistance two characteristics, durable.

Scope of use:

In combination with the characteristics of the product, the wine bag is widely used in bottled and boxed wine packaging.

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