The Measured Anti Haze Masks Which Good Effect: Cotton As Non-woven Fabric

Since this winter, haze haunted City, recently, Xi'an again because of heavy pollution weather I level response, closed limit line. The streets of muddy air, and occasionally a few people do not wear masks, people will look for them to worry about. Cotton masks, wearing masks and disposable cotton core anti haze masks, wearing masks is a street with the highest rate of funds, is also the best selling pharmacies, supermarkets, compared to last year, 3M users with breathing valve masks this year more. But frequent this year, heavy pollution weather warning red, which masks anti haze effect is better? China Daily reporter and the Xi'an Jiaotong University Teachers through the experiment to tell you.

The anti haze masks:

Experiment time: January 3rd -

- environmental conditions: severe pollution (PM2.5:2933.5 / L; PM5:474 / L; PM10:101 / L.)

In the experimental setting: micro nano materials science and engineering Xi'an Jiao Tong University Center

- Teacher: Micro center teacher Zhang Pengcheng

- laboratory personnel: Xi'an Jiao Tong University 2013 "Tsien Hsueshen" experimental class student Cai Yahui

In the experiment principle:

Place the pump in a small volume of 10 liters sealed fresh-keeping box, and the box opening at the front and back ends. Sealed with tape masks with a fixed experimental paste inlet external pump, the other end from the tracheal box outlet is connected, sealing air flow accelerated crisper, the air box by a mask to enter again by the pump discharge, simulation of human respiratory process.

First with the dust particle counter is placed in the outdoor static test for 30 seconds, the average number of particles of fog and haze pollutants, and then this counter placed in the box, open air ventilation, cover the box lid, placed in the outdoor haze environment, pollutant particle testing through a respirator filter into the simulated human respiratory box "the number of.

After 15 minutes, the filtration efficiency of each experimental mask to the particle size of each particle was obtained. At the same time, each kind of mask is tested.

The detection of 8 kinds of masks are nominal anti haze masks, which amounted to 5 cotton masks, 3 models of disposable non-woven mask, the price of 4.5 yuan to 49 yuan. Purchase location for pharmacies and supermarkets. The experimental results showed that the cotton gauze mask had no effect on the filtration of PM2.5.

Conclusion analysis:

Non-woven masks anti haze effect is not suitable for children under the age of 3 wearing anti haze masks

Through the comparison of the experiment, we can see that the filter effect of the cotton gauze mask with the filter core is about 85%, and the non-woven fabric is more than 90%. This is because the non-woven fabric filtering effect is the whole, and the cotton gauze mask plus filter, but the local filter, the filter is part of the surrounding cotton, the filtration effect of PM2.5 is very limited.

Cai Yahui said that some of the cotton gauze mask with a filter, the instructions are also reminded that the "filter" when the length of the proposed no more than 3 days. In addition, because the anti haze masks barrier of PM2.5, permeability is better than ordinary cotton masks, therefore, there are instructions to remind the "children under the age of 3 vital capacity is low, is not recommended to wear anti haze masks."

Wear a mask and glasses can fit through the breath test

In addition, facial masks and fit, also decided to wear protective effect, from the actual effect, a one-time stereo sale on the market of anti haze masks, and face the fit better, avoid unfiltered air from entering the gap. And cotton because of good permeability, not easy to face and very tight fitting. Inspectors said, in fact, the inspection masks fit, can also wear a mask and glasses, if the glasses will soon be halitus blindfolded, that facial masks and fit too tight. This is also the reason why many people who wear glasses do not want to wear masks. If the mask is purchased and worn properly, this can be avoided.