The Collocation Of PP Woven Tote Bag

     The knitting machine regularly fastens the equipment each screw, the nut, guarantees the operation the stability, lest appears the abnormal sound and the life equipment. The weaving machine properly controls the frequency of frequency converter output, so as not to affect the life of equipment. Chain lubrication, to prevent oil into the friction plate tension, resulting in friction sheet slippage affect the take-up frame. Determine the stability and unwavering work before starting the device to avoid affecting the use and production quality of the equipment. Each class is at least a times to ensure that the moving parts are flexible enough to avoid the occurrence or speed of driving part of the thermal anomaly wear to reduce the life of the equipment. Timely processing equipment broken wire and sundries, so as not to be rotating parts to the machine equipment or lead to the rod shaft card phenomenon, seriously affect the life of equipment and production quality problems. Weaving machine in time to abnormal parts to ensure the quality of production.PP Woven Tote Bag
    In the face of fierce market competition and the discerning eyes of consumers, only excellent product quality seems to have been unable to attract customers eyeball, with the increase in consumption level and the increase in consumer demand, gorgeous packaging design has become a necessary condition for the successful sale of goods. According to the habit of collecting information from the eyes, the impression left by a commodity is based on the order of color, shape and content.     Therefore, the color collocation and application of outer packing design is very important.PP Woven Tote Bag
    Shopping bag is a necessary combination of goods, in order to provide customers with the necessary convenience, but also to their products to do publicity, equivalent to a of mobile advertising. A good handbag design always shines on the street, and the name of the brand or company will impress the person. Excellent works can not be separated from the reasonable color collocation, except for the handbag design, handbags are also very important elements. It is the most intimate link between handbags and the human body, so it will be given special attention. The choice of a handbags to suit the overall style of the handbag will make the overall texture and appearance of the handbag greatly improved, so as to achieve a better promotional effect. Small details on the design will often lay the whole design style and taste, small but in the overall design style of the role is indelible.PP Woven Tote Bag