Techniques For Improving Smoothness Of Plastic Woven Bags

Techniques for improving smoothness of plastic woven bags

Our daily contact with many plastic bags, each bag flatness, weight and density are different, even the same weight different factory woven bag made out of flatness is not the same, so how to make the flatness of woven bags woven out of a better, let us introduce.

In order to better printing, you need to have a better bag flatness, to overcome the general problem of plastic bags, such as twisting, weft density, ink is not solid, because ordinary plastic bags per square meter single width 0.2cm, longitude 550, latitude 560 monofilament. To improve the flatness of woven bags, it is necessary to improve the process, equipment and other aspects. Here's how to improve:

(1) improve the cloth frame torque motor gear and torque motor gear, enhance rolling tension, make the warp and weaving cloth rolling shaft balance, tension stable.

(2) replace wire drawing machine traction gear speed ratio, enhance the process speed from the flat tension, and then progress oven temperature, flat during stretching through the oven temperature setting, increasing tight filament tension.

(3) improving circular loom jumper spring diameter, to enhance the elastic spring, consistent with the cylinder weaving; cam change, cam and four comb pressure stable, each weft force balance, does not constitute a torsion wire.

(4) collection of knitting machine, synchronous speed machine and wire drawing machine, arrived without ingot rolling speed and elastic balance, change the winding flat in diameter, four shuttle weft balance, will not touch the top

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