Printing Technology Of Non Woven Tote Bag

    Non-woven shopping bag printing is generally used screen printing, but because of screen printing with expensive equipment, Seihan color complex and production process cumbersome shortcomings, in particular, screen printing needs mass production to reduce costs. In contrast, with the continuous improvement of inkjet technology, ink-jet printing technology began to replace the screen printing in the Non-woven fabric printing popular.Non Woven Tote Bag

    Inkjet technology is the use of CP2199SDFJSDKFKJ inkjet printer without the characteristics of direct output, the use of inkjet ink to the exquisite pattern directly sprayed on paper, and then through the heat transfer machine transfer to Non-woven fabric. After special cloth processing non-woven cloth can also be used without paper and directly using the printer spray to heat imaging. Ink-jet printing non-woven shopping bag with cheap equipment, easy to operate, no Seihan, simple technology and other characteristics, especially in the printing of precision images, screen printing is almost impossible to reproduce the fine picture, ink printing can achieve professional image level of the printing level.Non Woven Tote Bag

    If the industrialization of large-scale inkjet printing production Non-woven shopping bags, you can use Xaar Purcell nozzle wide photo machine and solvent-type ink directly sprayed on non-woven fabric, an hourly output can reach 50-100 square meters. can be free to provide a complete ink-jet printing Non-woven shopping bag scheme, to assist customers whether small or large quantities can be the least investment in the production of non-woven shopping bags.Non Woven Tote Bag

    Advanced slurry printing is the most traditional printing process, slurry is transparent color, only suitable for printing in white and other light-colored fabrics, because the printing effect of a single, once faced elimination. But in recent times from the international trend of printing, water-based printing with technology to improve as a fashion designer's first choice, because of its super soft, breathable very strong, expressive rich and highly favored.Non Woven Tote Bag

    Environmental protection paste printing characteristics are the color of the strong, suitable for printing lines clear, edge neat, accurate color fashion printing patterns, more for high-end fashion, T-shirt printing, applicable cloth is also the most extensive. After the printing needs of high temperature ironing to get soft, strong elasticity, good color fastness to high-end printing works.Non Woven Tote Bag