PP Woven Tote Bag Features

     PP recycled material is mainly made of waste plastic woven bags, used for the production of plastic woven bags. PE including LDPE and HDPE, HDPE is also used for the production of hollow products, films and so on. Waste Pet Recycling can not produce plastic bottles, can only be used to produce polyester spinning and so on.PP Woven Tote Bag

     The size of the bag printing is usually based on the size of the package, designers in the design of the time has a reference, general-purpose handbag printing standard size of three open, four open or off three kinds, each of which is divided into positive or generous two kinds. The net size of its tote bag is made up of long X-width x height.PP Woven Tote Bag

After printing, the bag can be formed by laminating or wearing a rope. Hand-bag printing rope can be used nylon cord, cotton rope or rope. If the hand bag printing size is larger, the need to strengthen the rivet in the hole to resist tensile force.     It is most reasonable to note that a complete open paper makes an average of a handbag to a few open pieces of paper. For example, we are familiar with the size: 400*300*80 (mm) This size does not waste a piece of complete open paper can be made into two bags in print is also comparable to the cost of the machine to print. If the customer wants to make the size of 400*320*100 (mm), this is a large size is not a waste but if you want to make 400*300*150 (mm) would not waste compared to a freshman is a waste of paper on the second, printing is also a waste of the later processing costs also more because this size of the handbag can only be made of double sticky mouth 。PP Woven Tote Bag

    Hand bags are generally used for a variety of samples, information, souvenirs, designers are designed for enterprises to make handbags first choice. The size and capacity of this handbag is very suitable for 16 open samples and data, and generally do not require a very high strength. 4 Open the following handbags are most commonly used in a variety of cosmetics, designers often printed on the handbag with the same content of advertising and text message.PP Woven Tote Bag