PP Woven Tote Bag

              PP Ribbon, 3 cm wide and 60 cm long, can carry shoulder bags, whether it is handbags. can also use matte or glossy film, heavier, more powerful 60-120gsm pp Non-woven fabric interlayer. The use of gravure printing can provide beautiful and clear printing effect. All can be customized, otitis media and OEM and ODM are welcome. Model: sc3-0008; 0.5USD; glossy film lamination material: 100gsm pp nonwoven; Size: can be customized.PP Woven Tote Bag

              Custom-made materials of environmental protection bags, nylon bags, woven bags, cotton bags, canvas bags, shopping bags, suit bags, gift bags, peritoneal bags, composite bags, Oxford bags, Non-woven bags, advertising bags, plastic bags, paper bags, PVC, opp bags and other products. Different styles, novel fashion, beautifully printed, durable, easy to use, is the ideal choice for enterprises to promote publicity! Product use in supermarkets shopping, shopping malls, factory packaging, corporate advertising and so on! Design and size can be customized according to customer requirements! Logo has screen printing, offset printing, thermal transfer, peritoneal and so on, reasonable price, fine workmanship, warmly welcome new and old customers call to negotiate! Welcome to call us, a large quantity of favorably, quality assurance, it is best to provide samples, because the different customer demand for the actual price of the product will give customers different needs and adjust the low or floating, so please provide our customers before ordering detailed technical requirements in order to give you the most advantageous price and best quality sales service. The company has a variety of colors and grams weight (40 grams-200 grams) of the fabric. Rich and diverse styles, can be selected for customers, printing exquisite, strong and durable, is the market recognized environmentally friendly packaging products.PP Woven Tote Bag

              Plastic woven noun Explanation: woven bag mainly speaking: plastic woven bag is polypropylene (English name PP) as the main raw material, extruded, into flat wire, and then by weaving, preparation, made from. Woven bag color is generally white or gray white, non-toxic tasteless, physical injury to people generally small, although it is made from a variety of chemical plastic, but its environmental protection is stronger, and the recovery is greater; woven bag is widely used, mainly for the packaging and packing of various items, widely used in industrial areas; In recent years, rice, flour and other food packaging gradually use woven bag packaging. Common woven bags are: Rice woven bags, flour woven bags, woven sacks of corn woven bags, farming, freight, No one in the market does not use plastic woven products, in the shops, in the storeroom, in the house, there are plastic woven products everywhere. The gasket material of the chemical fiber carpet is also replaced by the plastic woven fabric. such as shopping bags, supermarket shopping bags, supermarket environmental protection shopping bags, for logistics transportation of woven bags, logistics woven bags.PP Woven Tote Bag