Plastic Shopping Tote

                  We all know that the strength of paper and water resistance are not good, many water-based products such as seafood can not be packaged, heavier metal products are also difficult to load. Even if we all use paper bags, how come the paper? First of all, the raw materials for making paper are mainly wood, and the world's forest resources are scarce, which is the biggest waste of the environment Therefore, a large number of paper bags are the largest waste of environmental resources, the largest environmental pollution.Shopping Tote

                  Plastic shopping bag is a daily consumption of consumables, China consumes a lot of plastic shopping bags every year. Plastic shopping bags in order to provide convenience for consumers at the same time, because of excessive use and recovery and treatment is not in place and other reasons, but also caused serious energy resources waste and environmental pollution. In particular, ultra-thin plastic shopping bags easily damaged, mostly discarded arbitrarily, become the "white pollution" the main source. At present, more and more countries and regions have restricted the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags. Since June 1, 2008, China has banned the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm nationwide, and provided for the use of plastic shopping bags in retail outlets. The management method for paid use of plastic shopping bags in retail places the first article is to save resources, protect the ecological environment, guide consumers to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags, the formulation of these measures.Shopping Tote

                  Article II: The goods retail establishments referred to in these measures are all kinds of supermarkets, shopping malls and market fairs which provide retail services to consumers. The plastic shopping bag referred to in these measures refers to the plastic bag which is provided by the retail place of commodity, which is used to fill the goods purchased by consumers and has the function of lifting. But does not include commodity retail establishments based on health and food safety purposes, used to fill bulk fresh food, cooked goods, pasta and other products of plastic prepackaged bags. The material and technical requirements of plastic shopping bags are regulated by relevant national standards.Shopping Tote