Non Woven Tote Bag Classification By Use

            1, advertising-type advertising bag: Shopping bag advertising can use a limited area of the bag, to the world to disseminate business or product services market information. When customers carry shopping bags printed with shop ads, walking through the streets, in fact, some exquisite advertising bags, and no less than the production of a good advertising signboards, but the cost is relatively low.

            2, knowledge-type advertising bag: It is the various types have a certain knowledge of the pattern, text, such as the world famous painting, Chinese calligraphy, printed on the shopping bag. This kind of shopping bag, not only to the consumer in carrying items to provide convenience, but also edify people's sentiments, so that people have a wonderful psychological feeling.

            3, gift-type advertising bag: China is a state of etiquette, holidays, birthday to Hershey, people always bring gifts "walking, walking" to contact feelings, foil atmosphere. When the guests put the gift in the printed "Wish You Longevity", "Wish You Happy" and so on the words of the shopping bag to mention, the owner is not only a gift, but also another taste in the heart.

            4, commemorative advertising bag: such as XX Festival Memorial, tourism souvenir bags. This strategy caters to people's Psychology of remembrance and honor, so that people have a new feeling after shopping.Non Woven Tote Bag

            5, simple advertising bag: When customers buy assorted things, need a simple shopping bag costumes, if the store can provide a, the worry of the people, must be welcomed by consumers. To give people convenience, in itself is the promotion of an important decision.

             6, smart-type advertising bag: Now people generally pursue a high standard of lifestyle, fashionable commodity leadership of the consumer trend. When the social emergence of what "hot", if the store to the commodity patterns, promotional information printed on the beautiful shopping bag, is undoubtedly an important promotion. When consumers see hot goods in a shop has a sale, also produced a "irresistible temptation."Non Woven Tote Bag

            7, antique-type advertising bag: Many social well-known traditional goods, due to the materials, production road, long history and much consumer favorite. If the shopping bag printed on the simple and elegant design and text, give a noble and solemn feeling, presumably also will cause some consumers shopping taste.Non Woven Tote Bag