Non Woven Tote Bag

            Hot-Solid ink printing is mainly used for the printing of exquisite animals, stars, anime games and other fashionable and chic high-definition pictures, as well as right angles, rounded corners and the use of different printing process to form a thick version of special effects.Non Woven Tote Bag

            Hot-solid printing ink thick screen printing technology in T-shirt clothing, handbags printing has become a popular trend. Because the thermosetting ink is not solvent-based inks, able to print fine lines, and surface formation, good fastness, with a dry version, odorless, solid content high, squeegee liquidity is good, both can be hand-printed, but also automatic machine printing and so on, so we choose to use hot-solid ink for thick printing. Thick version of the ink has a high cover power spot color, translucent, transparent and other types.

           Environmental protection paste printing characteristics are the color of the strong, suitable for printing lines clear, edge neat, accurate color fashion printing patterns, more for high-end fashion, T-shirt printing, applicable cloth is also the most extensive. After the printing needs of high temperature ironing to get soft, strong elasticity, good color fastness to high-end printing works.Non Woven Tote Bag

           Heat transfer printing is a new type of printing technology, transfer printing itself there are more than 10 different technologies, commonly used is offset printing, can be printed out of the exquisite effect of photo-level, suitable for printing photos, meticulous gradient transition color. But the disadvantage is the production volume requirements are larger, generally more than 2000 to achieve economic costs. Heat transfer printing is suitable for cotton and non-woven fabrics, which can greatly improve the product grade of environmental protection shopping bags.Non Woven Tote Bag