Non-woven Bag Manufacturers Tell You Why Environmental Bags Smell Bad

Non-woven bag manufacturers tell you why environmental bags smell bad

Today, let's talk about why the bags smell bad. A new material and non-woven cloth feeding back points, non-woven bags in the market there are many kinds of new material composition is polypropylene, if the cloth is a new material of cloth is not what smell, and some common material will be mixed feed back inside. And in the process of production, in order to be able to make a good return and new material fusion, will be doped with some fusion agent. So there's a smell of some industrial stuff in the fabric.

Sometimes the non-woven bag will have great smell we find a professional manufacturer of custom, even a little irritating feeling, this is what causes it, in fact, this is mainly two aspects, one is the cloth itself, on the other hand is printed in different ways. The non-woven bags have a lot of odor, when is that many manufacturers in the selection of ink is used for oily ink, considering saving production cost angle, oily ink than water-based ink to be cheap, so this is also a lot of businesses out of the production of non-woven bag is one of the reasons of forming the smell. Secondly, some of the odor should be focused, and some peculiar smell should be light. Because of the severity of the odor, probably due to the selection of printing inks, ink smell more environmentally more small, non woven bag manufacturers do bags, general printing ink is the most environmentally friendly and the smell is minimized, flexo and offset the smell of relatively more weight, but with the the effect of smell will gradually become weak, the smell is normal.

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