Modeling And Structure Are Complementary, Non-woven Bags Are Not Outside

Modeling and structure are complementary, non-woven bags are not outside.

Modeling design, it sounds like a very big key words. Even a simple non-woven bags, but also through the designer's design to normal production market. There are a number of eco-friendly bags on the market that are also available in a variety of styles that once evolved from a single vest bag to today's diverse and diversified. Shenzhen non-woven fabric manufacturers Weiwei textile designers said that the shape and structure, the bags are reflected on the same. Or that the two complement each other, are indispensable.

The shape of a thing must be connected by some materials or components. The same is true of non-woven bags. Through the non-woven fabrics and various printing ink mortar, as well as through the hot wire or stitching made. And what we mean by structure is based on the designer's design. Reasonable design of a bag, not only has a beautiful appearance, but also reasonable institutions. That is reasonable. The designer must design his structure based on what the bag contains or what it is used for. And our non-woven bags, also known as bags, are usually environmental protection for the promotion purposes. Therefore, when designing the non-woven bags for our designers, the first consideration is to integrate some eco-friendly concepts and elements. Second, consider the fashion, the trend of the elements. Stand from the perspective of environmental protection, the simple two said that we are respected bags, is to be simple and elegant. Let the bags more grounded.

Speaking so much about the structure of the topic, then now to talk about our style. The most primitive of our non-woven bag should evolved from the vest bag. Behind the slow development of mobile models, flat, three-dimensional, Bukou and other models. Today there are non-woven bags available in the market style, according to Xiaobian clumsy horizons, there should be no way to fully understand the fact that the simple point that is hand-held, and shoulder.

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