Making Of Laminated Bag

               Shopping bag with mezzanine outer barrel plastic outer tube has a plurality of compartments, the plastic outer tube is divided into several spaces, plastic outer barrel of the upper edge of the handle. Simple structure, easy to use, can improve the utilization of plastic bags, reduce the use of plastic bags, reduce pollution. The use of shopping bags to disseminate information through the collection and collation of various types of information, and in the shopping bag to make the corresponding text or graphics, so that shopping bags become a new comprehensive media.Laminated Bag

               With large circulation, large amount of information, a wide range of audiences, the advantages of rapid dissemination. The handle adopts the hollow handle with two halves of the cavity, sets the hidden disk of the shopping bag in the half cavity, and sets around the pillar and baffle in the center of the hidden disk, and the two lifting ropes of the shopping bag are respectively worn into the half cavity. This kind of shopping bag can replace the traditional plastic bag or basket shopping, do not use when the shopping bag can be collected in the handle, easy to carry and save, prolong the life of shopping bags, reduce the white pollution, samples by small trial trial, by the trial consumer welcome. The handle includes a handle and a beam with a suction sponge, and the beam is extended by the handle to the middle level and then to the opposite side, and after at least a times a vertical wavy bend, and then upward back to the bend form before each intersection.Laminated Bag

                As an optimum, environmental protection bag handle and the crossbeam are made of a metal flat bar, or, the handle and the crossbeam are made of a wire, and the handle is sheathed with hard gloves, and the gloves are covered with a sweat sponge. Automatic production of non-woven shopping bags, including the machine frame and installed on the rack of cloth reel, side ultrasonic Gehece side mechanism, side-fold forming mechanism, bag body up and down edge ultrasonic heat-bonding mechanism, cutting mechanism, some tension or guide rollers, a number of friction pull roller pairs, side ultrasonic heat-bonding mechanism is located behind the cloth reel, the side of the internal folding mechanism is located in the side of the ultrasonic heat-bonding mechanism behind the bag body up and down edge ultrasonic heat-bonding mechanism located in the side of the folding mechanism behind, The cutting mechanism is arranged in the upper and lower edge of the bag body, the ultrasonic heat-closing mechanism, the tension or the guiding roller is arranged on the cloth material running path, the friction pull roller is arranged on the cloth material running path, provides the power for the cloth operation.Laminated Bag