Humanization Of Packaging Colors

Humanized packaging design can be fully reflected in the humanization of packaging colors, packaging structures and packaging materials. Successful packaging design is good at actively using targeted appeals. Through the expression of colors, the information that needs to be transmitted is strengthened and communicated with the emotional needs of consumers, so that consumers are interested in the packaging of goods and promote the purchase behavior.

The balance between color appeal and emotional needs is often one of the reasons why consumers are willing to bag their bags because of their favorite packaging. The humanization of packaging colors is also reflected in many aspects. There are color-used functions for the purpose of highlighting the specific use value of products. For example, the red color of pharmaceutical packaging indicates nourishing the body, the blue indicates anti-inflammatory and antipyretic, and the green indicates pain and sedation, etc.; Characteristics of the color image function, such as spicy food using red and black as the image color, refreshing beverage with blue-green image color; there are different product classifications in different price grades, different categories of product classification functions, and marketing functions to stimulate consumer psychology , aesthetic functions, and so on.

Packaging is designed for products. Products come from companies. Packaging design also reflects the corporate culture. For example: Coca-Cola's packaging design not only gives the product brand connotation, but also reflects the accumulation of Coca-Cola's corporate culture. The kind of energetic, passionate spirit of enterprise has penetrated all over the world.

However, the use of humanized packaging will not stop at the traditional understanding. For example, in the food industry, the traditional concept is that more warm colors should be used to design foods, but if there are more interesting foods, The blue color used in traditional industrial packaging is used; “Ye Kou Lian” food also uses a purple color that is usually considered as a bogey color. Purple is usually the color of a woman. It is noble, romantic, and accords with the tastes of the public. It is also a gift between friends. The best choice for gifts.

Therefore, most of the purchases of Valentine's Day Lotus on Valentine's Day are couples, which is also a result of its ability to capture consumer psychology in color and achieve good sales. This is the reason why packaging design wins in color vision, and it is also the law of victory.