How To Make The Eco-bag Market Is Not Slack During The Off-season And The Season Is Even More Prosperous

How to make the eco-bag market is not slack during the off-season and the season is even more prosperous

We are an eco-bag factory. Originally for our industry, it was a matter of off-season peak season. Even so, we can feel that this year's form is not very good, at least compared with 2012.

Personally think that if you want to make the off-season not light, the first thing you must do is to relax your mind, not to drift, and let the losses in the off-season to the business. We should rejuvenate and rejuvenate during the off-season, innovate new products, invest new momentum, and maintain old customers. Do a good job of after-sales service, from the front to improve the morale of the company, improve the enthusiasm of employees, and stimulate the production efficiency. In particular, salesmen should always encourage their morale and let them see the direction of business development.

Many companies have nothing to do during the off-season and have a lot to do with their ingrained off-season ideas. In their ideological consciousness, the off-season is a small sales volume, and it is no use trying hard. Instead, it is better to give yourself a holiday and relax. In the high season, fight again. Therefore, during the off-season, more marketers chose to wait for the arrival of a long season. Under the control of this kind of thinking, as a market that was originally in the off-season, it is impossible to actively take initiatives to find a solution, so that the off-season is not light and the peak season is even more prosperous. Therefore, as a salesperson, in order to successfully get through the off-season, we must first reverse our concept of off-season.

As shown in Figure 1, only the off-season idea is that there is no off-season market. Light and light, but relatively speaking, in the case of a decline in the overall sales of the market, as long as the hard work and efforts to run against the competitors, you can still make their sales share a greater increase, the key is you think about it, or not?

2, in the off-season, in the off-season, against the competitor arrogance, sometimes easier to surprise, attack their unprepared, which can make their own sudden emergence, quietly "outflank" the competing products, which quietly occupied the commanding heights of the market for the arrival of the full season off season Has laid a solid foundation.

3. Be good at challenging yourself and defeating yourself. The greatest enemy of man is himself. What kind of seed you plant will yield what kind of fruit you will harvest. In the off-season, if the planting is positive, the harvest will be fruitful. If the planting is negative, it will be harvested. It can only be barren; therefore, challenging ourselves and surpassing oneself is the key to achieving sales across the off-season.

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