How To Improve The Environmental Protection Bag Bearing, The Hand Is The Key

How to improve the environmental protection bag bearing, the hand is the key

With the improvement of our living standards, people's quality of life has evolved from the previous to the present more attention. Even if it's a simple shopping bag, people will buy their favorite shopping bags with the style they want. It is because of this, non-woven bags now become more and more widely used, many industries need to use non-woven bags, and many non-woven bags of environmental protection bags will be the bag of consumers as the main object of consideration. Regular non-woven bags can withstand about 10kg of weight, if you want to bear a greater weight, we must be targeted to the bag itself some place to strengthen, or change the way of work.

First, try to use the sewing non-woven bag

If the bearing requirements is relatively high, some sewing non-woven bags bearing the stronger performance than supersonic hot-melt non woven bag. The hot melt non-woven bag just by the high temperature thermal non-woven fabric bonded together, all the forces will bear in a hot melting point, so the hot melt non-woven bag bearing relative to the sewing is a little weak.

Two, the end of the car or the whole circle

Ordinary non-woven bags in the process of movement of all the focus will be bearing at four points on the hand, if we put our car to the bottom of the bag or the bag around the circle, the bearing area of the center of gravity of the non-woven bag that will increase the number of times to support four points not only provided at the center of the hand. The whole side of the bag will share the center of gravity, so that the bearing capacity is greatly enhanced.

Three. Fork in the handle of non-woven fabric bag

In the process of movement, the vast majority of non-woven fabric bags will be placed at the four point of the non-woven fabric bag. If the four points are not easy to tear, the load-bearing performance will be greatly enhanced. Therefore, we do fork processing in the hand, not only enhance the overall bearing capacity of non-woven shopping bags, but also beautify the environmental protection bags.

The above three points for non-woven bags bearing are summarized, and the arm. So, a bag of the bearing arm, is the core of the key.

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