How To Identify The Authenticity Of Non-woven Bag

How to identify the authenticity of non-woven bag 

Our living environment is constantly changing with our fast-growing economy. Due to the rapid economic development in our country in the recent decades, our environment has rapidly changed under the trend of rapid economic development. And this change is due to a lot of sewage treatment caused by failed. Including air pollution, water pollution, white pollution, soil pollution and other major pollution needs to be addressed. What we need to talk about today is the non-woven bag developed in our lives to avoid white pollution. Non-woven bag is a non-woven bags in a style. With the government of white pollution control. Non-woven bag has gradually integrated into our lives. Therefore, the current environmental protection bag, not only a single style so single. With the diversification of society, in order to meet the needs of more consumers, our eco-bags are also diverse styles and diverse uses. Our non-woven bags in addition to our daily loading function, but also has many other features, such as advertising, as a mix of fashion elements and so on. Often, the hot sale of a product, along with a lot of fake and shoddy products. Similarly, we also have some non-woven bags of non-performing businesses fake non-woven bags. In the "Plastic Limit Order" the corresponding promulgation, many businesses usher in the production of non-woven bags production spring. Many bad businesses are also taking the opportunity to enter some of the substandard non-woven bags into the market in troubled waters. In order to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers of non-woven bags and the healthy development of the non-woven bags market, Shenzhen, Wei non-woven textile bags manufacturers to introduce several ways to distinguish authenticity non-woven bags: 1. Water Law: The so-called "non-woven bags" placed in the water, and press into the water, the proportion of regular bags, can surface, the proportion of fake bags, will show the sinking state . 2. Fire inspection method: Regular non-woven bags are flammable, the flame is blue, the upper yellow, burning like candle tears dripping, paraffin, smoke less; counterfeit non-woven bags non-flammable, away from The fire is extinguished, the flame is yellow, the bottom is green, softens the brushed, hydrochloric acid irritating odor. 3. Jitter detection method: Hand grasp the end of the force of environmental protection bags shake, issued a simple vector of sound for the regular non-woven bags. Thick and thick sound unqualified non-woven bags. 4. Sensory Testing: In general, we look at the types of non-woven bags, it is easy to be able to perceive from our senses in front of the quality of non-woven bags. From a visual point of view, the formal non-woven bags have indentation lines clear, feel a little touch, tough with a little soft. Smell odorless Fake and shoddy non-woven bags look and really not much difference, but if it feels there will be some differences, fake feels, tough feeling in the bag above the not so symmetrical, that is, some places Soft, some hard places. At the same time, the reason for such a situation is that the thickness of the cloth of a bag is not so uniform. This problem led to the emergence of non-woven bags because of the material used is renewable materials. This material is generally used only if the customer specified will be applied to the production of non-woven bags. Otherwise, we generally default non-woven bag fabric, are all new material.

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