How To Determine The True And False Non-woven Bags

How to determine the true and false non-woven bags

Our life, in fact, this cottage products are very much, like this non-woven bags are false phenomenon, the general genuine non-woven bags in the quality of the quality has been very good, but this fake Of the non-woven bags certainly can not meet this condition, and the two are generally the same in the price above, if we choose to a fake non-woven bags, in fact, very suffer, and today Xiaobian to and We talk about this non-woven bag true and false above the judge we need to pay attention to the problem, first of all this fire way, this is the most effective, the general non-woven bags in environmental performance is very good, so this The gas is also no unusual taste, but we burn the counterfeit non-woven bags, this will produce a very pungent taste, but also in the combustion method can also be a good judge, the real non-woven Bag is very easy to burn, but this counterfeit products generally leave the fire after, in fact, can not burn, followed by the appearance of the above is also some In addition, genuine non-woven bags on hand are very good.

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