Green Bag Development

Green bag development

People gradually realized that from the big shopping malls, stores carry out the paper goods bags, there has been a substitute - environmentally friendly non-woven handbags. It is understood that non-woven handbags, suit bags have gradually been accepted by developed countries. This kind of non-woven handbag that can replace the paper handbag made from trees is internationally recognized as an eco-friendly eco-friendly product.

In recent years, the appearance of the non-woven handbags in the domestic market, because it can replace the paper handbags and its price slightly lower than the high-grade copper paper bag, the service life is longer than the paper handbags, the color pattern is very rich, bright, crisp, special Flocking non-woven fabrics are more solemn, elegant. The above advantages of non-woven handbags make it gradually accepted by the domestic market.

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