Energy Saving Trend Of Shopping Tote

With the summer approaching, some tenants have begun to prepare outdoor decoration and beautification, they want to warm and beautiful outdoors, enjoy the comfortable weather and outdoor barbecue fun. However, you may be faced with the difficulty of choosing an outdoor decoration, so now you can consider a beautiful and environmentally friendly material that is recyclable plastic. In the past few years, recyclable plastics have been used to decorate the fashion, what is this material?

Low maintenance: Recycled plastic decoration only needs very little maintenance, when maintenance, only need to use broom cleaning or hose to wash away dust and debris can.Shopping Tote

 Durable: Recycled plastic decoration is very durable and corrosion resistant. There is a difference in the shape of the material, then the color of the product will be different, which brings convenience, people do not need to repaint or dye. In addition, the product can also resist stains, crack debris, and will not be moldy and will not be eaten. Green DIY: Some recycled plastic decorations, such as the use of fasteners and hidden decorative screws, can ensure easy installation and safety. In addition to beauty and convenience, recycled plastic decoration can also protect the environment.Shopping Tote

For general dry goods recommended use of the United States waste or European waste, according to a or B-class cattle luggage Board paper technical indicators to control the production of raw paper. Noodles can noodles, also can not dry noodles, this should be based on the printing of complex patterns and advertising. Paper pages can be quantified in 135~150/. 25x20x15cm paper bag can withstand the weight of up to volume kg. Full waste paper can also be used for goods that need to withstand a certain amount of moisture. Only on the basis of the above standards, add a certain wet strength agent 0.5~1.0%, wet intensity to reach $number dry strength can be.Shopping Tote