CLOTH Leaders! Why Run Amuck Everywhere Cloth

As everyone knows, "the basic necessities of life" is the foundation of people's life, and ranked first in the "clothing", its importance is self-evident.

Cloth as a raw material for clothing, there are usually two kinds: one is the plant fiber, cotton and ramie, etc.; the other is the animal fiber, that is, silk and wool, etc.. Whether it is made of cotton woven comfortable cotton, or by animal fur weaving to beautiful cloth, with the evolution and meet people's demand for clothing.

In this, non-woven as a kind of cloth, for many friends may be unfamiliar. If a small secret, as the main materials of masks, handbags, wallpaper, wallpaper and other products are non-woven fabric, you know it's role is obviously.

Although, unlike non-woven cloth weaving, the construction of the magnificent fashion of human society, but through a variety of different forms of products, making people's daily life more convenient, environmentally friendly.

Anti haze masks such as non-woven fabric made of, in the present society, the haze of rampant increasingly serious air pollution, people can wear masks to travel, but also to prevent the harmful pathogens in the human body, thereby protecting human health. It should be said that the non-woven bag not only load-bearing ability is very strong, and can not be compared with degradable plastic bags is more environmentally friendly; and non-woven wallpaper now has gradually become the mainstream of the wall decoration, because of its characteristics of green environmental protection, does not contain chemical substances, more highly favored decoration.

It is not difficult to see from the above characteristics of non-woven fabrics, with health, environmental protection, fashion and other characteristics of non-woven fabrics, more and more are applied to the actual production and life. In addition, non-woven products have also been used more in the medical and health industry, such as surgical clothing, clothing, etc., compared to ordinary clothing fabrics, non-woven applications more simple, but also more widely.

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