Bunch Of Velvet Bag With Features

Velvet bag features: plump and fluffy to the surface after a brushed cotton fabric. Both single side and fleece. Single side Twill-oriented organization, also known as Serge wool; fleece plain. Flannel cloth, soft, wearing fitted comfortable, warm, good that it is advisable for winter underwear, pajamas. Printed flannel, yarn dyed flannel makes women, children coat. With the animals, flowers, fairy tale image pattern flannel also known as Pei wool, suitable for children. Natural hair, bleached hair, colored velvet, Sesame velvet for winter clothing, such as gloves, shoes and hats clip. Flannel fleece is brushed steel tip many times repeatedly, took part in the fabric cloth fibers formed hair requires a short, dense, uniform. Printed cotton flannel brushed before printing, bleaching and mottled flannel is brushed at the end. Flannel fabric using warp should be fine; weft should be coarse and pick up less. Spinning weft cotton should be thick, and has better uniformity.