Why use environmentally-friendly plastic bags?

Why use environmentally-friendly plastic bags?

The environmental protection plastic bag is each kind of biodegradable plastic bag abbreviation, therefore the reason which the country promotes now uses the environmental protection plastic bag to analyze from two aspects.

One is the traditional PE plastic bag itself the shortcomings of the traditional PE: the lower the value of recycling plastic bags, in addition to the use of scattered in the city streets, tourist areas, water, roads and railways on both sides of "visual pollution" caused by pollution, it also potentially harmful. Plastic structure is stable, not easy to be degraded by natural microorganisms, and not separated in the natural environment for a long time. This means that if plastic waste is not recycled, it will become a permanent pollutant in the environment and will continue to accumulate. It will cause great harm to the environment:

First, it affects the development of agriculture. Waste plastic products are constantly accumulated in the soil, which will affect the absorption of nutrients and water, resulting in crop failure.

Second, it poses a threat to animal survival. Abandoned plastic waste on land or in water; swallowed by animals as food and killed animals. Qinghai lake has 20 herdsmen, nearly a thousand sheep, so fatal, economic losses of about about 300000 yuan. Love the sheep eat oily residue in a plastic bag wrapped folder, but often even plastic bags to eat it, because the plastic food for a long time under the retention in the stomach to digest, the stomach was filled with sheep, can not eat, can only be finally starved to death. Such things are common in zoos, in pastoral areas, in rural areas, and in the ocean.

Third, waste plastics will not only take up a large amount of land, but also be occupied by the land for a long time to recover, and affect the sustainable use of land.

On the other hand is a policy reason: since June 1, 2008 began the implementation of the "plastic limit" clearly defined shopping malls, supermarkets and bazaars may not provide free plastic shopping bags, plastic shopping bags and prohibit the use of less than 0.025 mm thick. "Plastic limit order" after the implementation of the traditional PE is a lot of restrictions on the use of plastic bags, and the use cost is also increased, therefore, has the function of degradation environmentally friendly plastic bags in the national standard GB/T21661-2008 catch a good time, the market share is more and more big!

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