Why non-woven bags is a great eco-friendly bag

Why non-woven bags is a great eco-friendly bag?

In 2008, the "plastic limit order" just enacted that period of time, there are related parties forecast. After the domestic plastic bag market share will be reduced by two-thirds. If according to the budget statement, then vacate the plastic bag market vacancies, who should fill it? In fact, it is not hard to imagine that since the state will promulgate the "plastic limit order." Will find ways to develop new products to replace the vacancies in plastic bags to vacate the market. Well, at this moment, the product of eco bag will be produced.

However, what are the materials used in bags? In other words, what kind of material bag can be called a green bag? Shenzhen Wei textile to analyze, what are the types of bags included.

      According to the material points, there are non-woven bags, nylon bags, paper bags, Oxford bags, canvas bags, cotton bags, etc., these can be called green bags. Well, the question is coming. Since there are so many bags, there is always one in which the share is the largest share of it. Yes, that's right, the fact is the same as you think, there is indeed a market share of the largest one. That is non-woven bag.

Non-woven bags in general, the advantage is quite Ting, in short, to be better than other materials, eco-bags. Compared with the paper bag, it has the advantage of energy-saving supplies; and nylon bag, with a cheaper cost; and cattle than the bag, more printing methods, suitable for more businesses to use; and canvas bag than still have a world of Other price advantages; And cotton bag than non-woven bags to achieve larger-scale production and production processes more in line with the public consumption patterns. In addition to these, there are more invisible advantages not found, here is not one by one, in short, the need to custom-made bags, please go to Shenzhen Textile Co., Ltd., 12 years of production experience, will give you a Satisfied with the answer sheet!

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