Why is the cloth bag widely used in wine packaging

Why is the cloth bag widely used in wine packaging?

The flannelette bag is also called the rope jewellery bag and the ornament bag. It is a kind of container that is made of flannelette. The bag containers made of flannelette are called cashmere bags. It is a kind of cloth container used to fill the goods. It is a kind of environmental protection bag. In accordance with the velvet bag materials can be divided into the nylon velvet bag, knitted velvet bag, silk velvet bag bottom, the bottom of the cotton velvet bag, plush cloth, velvet velvet bag; in accordance with the type of lock rope, can be divided into locking rope velvet bag, Drawstring Velvet Bag, beam chenille velvet bag bag, single rope, pull chenille cloth.

The largest product advantage of flannelette is good practicality. Flannelette bags can withstand various printing processes, such as screen, bronzing, hot silver, embroidery, heat transfer printing, etc., which can print various patterns and characters on the bag surface, enrich product contents, and make the appearance of products match with applications. The flannel bag is portable and portable. Flannel sewing bag material light, light weight; the beam rope closing, flexible and convenient, small and exquisite. The flannel bag feels soft. High flexibility and wearability and durable. It is not difficult to find that most of the common cloth bags used in the market on the market use cashmere bag, which not only shows diversified forms, but also is more practical for a long time.

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