What is the status quo of environmental shopping bags

What is the status quo of environmental shopping bags?

In Europe and the United States, most supermarkets do not provide free plastic bags for consumers long ago. Many people who have traveled abroad have already experienced it. But this is not in the form of a government regulation, but a lot of supermarkets consciously for it. People are shopping with their own handbags, and even someone carrying a large travel bag to go shopping, filled with a large bag of things, carrying a large backpack back shoulder back home, the car is not open, serious environmental protection pacesetter. Some supermarkets even charge you a few euros for plastic bottled water. If you drink it, you can take the empty bottle in exchange for your bottle fee, and the supermarket is using this method to better ensure the waste recycling.

In April 2007, San Francisco became the first city in the world to ban the use of plastic bags in supermarkets and pharmacies, and was the first city to have legislation on the issue. Under the bill, supermarkets and pharmacies can only provide customers with paper bags, cloth bags or biodegradable plastic bags made from corn by-products. San Francisco uses more than 180 million chemical plastic bags every year. If the city is banned, it is expected to save about 1 million 700 thousand liters of crude oil and reduce about 1400 tons of waste every year.

Beautiful green bags will be in fashion

The United States by the heat wave, the temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius, the heat to the egg can be cooked; Argentina 80 years snow for the first time, even had a woman said to see for the first time; Antarctic ice is disappearing, the penguins homeless, then it is hard to find a healthy fat of the polar bear beat cola. Everybody realized that the earth was really sick! Everybody practices it and starts to fix it. After the American vice president Gore launched a "truth that we don't want to face", people seem to know the truth, and the world has sounded the music for environmental protection. The car bag of the British designer Anya Hindmarch sold to people!

From the February London Fashion Week in 2008, the T platform, as well as the cover of various fashion magazines, began to frequent this kind of cotton fabric shopping bag, and many fashion stars also practiced it.

The French designer Christian Lacroix's fashion show, a naked woman holding a naked "I'd rather than wear animal skins" slogan into the stage, to protest made of animal fur fashion, environmental protection became an instant invasion of fashion trend. Hermes seems to have also launched with silk and calf can be folded into a shopping bag wallet size; and another British designer Stella McCartney also launched a folding canvas shopping bag, but the price was too high and not widely used.

Non woven bag experts, promote environmental protection with business model, let environmental protection take sustainable road.

Self destruction plastics

Chemical self destruction Plastics: chemical self destruction plastics developed in switzerland. The chemical self destruction Plastics Spray 1 special formula solution on the plastic product, make it react with the plastic, and make the plastic dissolve gradually, become harmless substance that can be washed away by water, no longer pollute the environment.

Optical self destruct Plastics: this plastic contains a chemical that splits slowly as soon as it is exposed. In France, this optical self destruction plastic is often laid on fields to keep soil heat, producing early maturing crops, and decay within 1 to 3 years. But it must be used in sunny places to ensure that it decays at the expected speed. In the United States, 1/4 of beer cans are made of an optical self destroying plastic, but in order to avoid premature corrosion, they must be stored in places where they are not exposed to sunlight.

More than 20 companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and other countries have launched biological self destruction plastics. The United States Micigen University biologist put forward "planting" idea of plastic, they use potatoes and corn as raw material, gene into plastic, so that they can grow does not contain harmful ingredients of bio plastics under manual control. American imperial chemical industries use bacteria to produce biodegradable plastics from sugar and organic acids. The method is similar to the fermentation process for producing ethanol. The difference is that the bacteria used are Alcaligenes spp., and can transform the feeding substance into a plastic, called PHBV. The bacteria accumulate this kind of plastic as a store of energy, just as humans and animals store fat. When the PHBV stored by bacteria reaches 80% of their body weight, they break through these cells with steam and collect the plastic. PHBV has the same properties as polypropylene, which is stable after being discarded, even in a humid environment, but in the case of microorganisms, it will degrade into carbon dioxide and water.

The German microbiologist at University of Gottingen through specific genetic isolation of a bacterium, make plant cells internally generated by this kind of polyester, polyester, can be made of plant biochemical plastic. This kind of plastic is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide under the action of bacteria, so this plastic waste can be used as plant fertilizer to return to nature. Japan Industrial Technology Research Institute of scientific and technical personnel in agricultural and forestry waste, such as beans made of biodegradable agricultural film. Some scientists are experimenting with adding starch material in plastics, such as starch food bacteria phagocytosis, so as to make it disappear. The overall scale of China's environmental protection industry is relatively small, and its boundaries and connotations are constantly extending and enriching. With the development of China's social economy and the adjustment of industrial structure, the direct contribution of China's environmental protection industry to the national economy will change from small to big, and gradually improve the quality of economic operation and promote the economy

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