What is the definition of non-woven bags?

What is the definition of non-woven bags?

Non-woven (also known as non-woven bags) is a kind of green product, tough and durable, beautiful appearance, good air permeability; can be folded into the pocket, portable, reusable, washing, printing, advertising LOGO marks, long service life, suitable for any company, any industry as advertising, gifts with. While consumers are shopping, they have got a beautiful bag, and businesses are getting invisible advertising, the best of both worlds, so non-woven bags in the market more and more popular.

This series of products are rich and bright colors, fashion, style rich, widely used for environmental protection, beautiful appearance, patterns and changes in many different styles, and light green, convenient carrying, low cost, long service life than paper bags, non-woven bags can be recycled, is internationally recognized for the protection of the ecological environment of earth products.

The main component of non-woven fabric is PP (Bing Guan), the fabric has a variety of colors for customers to choose, bags size, thickness, style can be designated by the customer. Non-woven bags are recyclable, reusable products, compared with plastic bags, the use of more opportunities, more, in fact, as far as raw materials are concerned, it does not have

Biodegradable and biodegradable.

According to size classification: standard size, environmental protection bag, mini environmental protection bag, super large environmental protection bag,

According to special requirements categories: made environmental protection bags, thermal insulation bags, silver face environmental protection bags, shopping bags environmentally friendly.

And according to different ages

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