What are the problems in the process of production and use of non-woven bags?

What are the problems in the process of production and use of non-woven bags?

Although the non-woven bag is a more environmentally friendly bags of products. However, in the process of our use, there will still be a lot of problems, not pay attention to, will make our environmental protection products, become environmentally friendly! Then, what are some of the problems in the process of using non-woven fabric bags? Shenzhen weft knitting to tell you.

Since the "plastic limit order" was issued, the problem of non-woven fabric bags has been promulgated based on the maintenance of environment and the saving of resources. The reason why the government issued the "plastic limit order" is that we should avoid using disposable plastic bags. The promulgation of "plastic limit order" is conducive to environmental protection.

But today, the alternative to disposable plastic bags - non-woven fabric bags, has been used so far, the problems are accompanied by some of the people's behavior also highlighted. Stand in the non-woven bag manufacturers point of saying this should not say, general non-woven bag to play the role of advertising, to printing, and printing, naturally to the use of the printing ink, but some ink is a threat to human health. So, a lot of businesses in order to save costs, for the poor to serve as the ink ink printing non-woven bags, this problem is not conducive to human health, but also damage to the good image of environmental protection non-woven bags.

In addition, or for the non-woven bag manufacturers, some bad businesses, when feeding, with relatively poor material to serve as the material bag sold to consumers. In a macro sense, it's called deception. Therefore, for the good development of non-woven bag market, I hope that the so-called non-woven bag manufacturers can comply with the industry standards.

Finally, talk about what undesirable behaviors our consumers will use in non-woven bags. Some consumers think that non-woven bags are disposable plastic bags instead, or as always, they throw them away once. And our non-woven vest bag, is to better avoid the one-time use of waste of resources and research and development. So, if you are still so headstrong, the cost of non-woven bags will bring a lot of pressure to the entire non-woven bag industry. Moreover, after the use of non-woven bags, improper treatment, environmental damage, no worse than plastic bags.

So, some problems appear in our lives, we should be positive towards the direction of what you do, how convenient don't think you on how to do this, our life will be more smooth. Finally, a customized non-woven bags of consumers, invited the Cangnan MAG custom oh!

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