What are the main points for making environmentally-friendly shopping bags?

What are the main points for making environmentally-friendly shopping bags?

Technological key points of producing reusable shopping bag paper with waste paper

1., for general dry goods, the proposed use of waste or European waste, according to A or B class kraft liner paper technical indicators to control the production of base paper. The noodles can be made of fine noodles or dried noodles, depending on whether or not to print complicated patterns and advertisements. The page weight can be 135~150 grams /m2. 25 x 20 * 15cm paper bags, weighing up to 8~15 kg.

2. for the need to withstand a certain amount of moisture goods, you can also use full waste paper. Only on the basis of the above standards, add a certain wet strength agent 0.5~1.0%, and the wet strength can reach the dry strength of 10~15%.

3. for meat or other wet, can also be used throughout the manufacturing waste paper shopping bags. There is a need to add in the papermaking process of slurry or coated on the surface of environment-friendly oil proof agent. You can also use two boards with a good surface finish on the kraft board to spray water soluble or biodegradable resins.

4. China mainland many manufacturers have developed full of waste paper reinforced paper. That is, in the paper, the two layer of slurry in combination with textile principles to add water soluble yarn, this kind of paper can reach four layers of kraft paper strength, can completely replace ordinary cement bag paper. Also, single sheets of paper can be used on shopping bags.

5. these products are safe and environmentally friendly.

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