What are the four advantages of textile cloth environmental bags

What are the four advantages of textile cloth environmental bags

Environmental friendly non-woven bag (commonly known as non-woven bag) is a green product, durable, beautiful, breathable, reusable and washable, and can be used for screen printing and long life. It is suitable for any company or any industry as advertising and gifts.

Textile cloth bags have more economic effects

From the beginning of the plastic limit order, the plastic bags will begin to gradually withdraw from the packaging market of the goods, instead of the non-woven fabrics that can be used repeatedly. The non woven bag is more easy to print and more vivid than that of the plastic bag. Can be used repeatedly and can be considered in non-woven shopping bags plus more than plastic bags of exquisite design and advertising, because it can repeatedly use the loss rate is lower than the plastic bags, non-woven shopping bags are more cost savings, and bring more apparent advertising effectiveness.

Non-woven garment bag more firmness

The traditional plastic bag shopping bag, in order to save the cost, is thin and easy to break. But if it is to make it stronger, it must cost more. The appearance of nonwoven shopping bags solves all problems, non-woven shopping bags, toughness, not easy to wear. There are also a lot of film coated non-woven shopping bags, but also with the firmness, more waterproof, good feel, beautiful appearance. Though the cost of a single bag goes up a little more than that of plastic bags, the service life of a nonwoven shopping bag can reach hundreds or even tens of thousands of plastic bags.

Nonwoven clothing bags have a more advertising effect

A beautiful nonwoven bag is not just a bag of goods. Its appearance is more beautiful and attractive, can be easily transformed into a stylish bag, become a beautiful landscape on the streets. With its solid, waterproof, non stick hand will become the characteristics of customer first choice to go out, in such a non-woven shopping bag and can be printed on your company's logo or advertisement, the advertising effect is self-evident, the real small investment into a big returns.

Non-woven fabric bags have more environmental protection value

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