What about the quality of non-woven fabric bags

What about the quality of non-woven fabric bags?

First look at the workmanship issue of non-woven bags, no bag, no sewing head askew wireless jumper, overall, pin fine uniform outlet back to the needle, carry on flat surface, no stain, the bag body is. The size deviation of non-woven bag can not exceed 0.5cm. Printing center is on the left and right angle, proper distance. The register must be accurate and the distance deviation should not exceed 0.1cm.

Non woven bag bearing requirements are 80 grams of non-woven bags, bearing capacity should be greater than or equal to 10 kilograms, hand and hemming should be firm. Otherwise it wouldn't be a good non-woven bag.

Then the non-woven bag color problem, cloth color is positive, with color non-woven fabric color should be bright.

Non-woven bag printing process is better, regardless of the use of screen printing, coating, heat transfer, flexo printing, color covering more than, patterns and text color should be consistent, clear and overall angle has no obvious deviation, contrast and color cloth.

Non-woven bags should be environmentally friendly bags, printing must be non-toxic, tasteless.

Finally, the choice of non-woven bag manufacturers have to choose a certain scale, formal, technical pass brand, to be away from small workshops non-woven bags, small workshops made non-woven bags without quality assurance.

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