The difference between new material and recycled material of woven bag

The difference between new material and recycled material of woven bag

Woven bag used in our aspects, often hear people say this is raw materials or new bags, this is back to the material or recycled bags, then what is the difference between these two kinds of material, let us discuss

First, the production process of woven bags

Woven bags are the production process, is by spinning polypropylene particles round woven fabric, and then the volume of woven fabric cut into a bag, and finally through the bottom of the sewing.

Two. What are recycled materials and new materials?

Polypropylene particles are divided into new materials and recycled materials. The so-called new materials are directly decomposed by petroleum. The recycled materials are recycled by waste woven bags, and then recycled into a kind of material. The mixture is a mixture of new material and recycled material.

Three, the difference between renewable materials and new materials

New material bags generally refers to transparent and very white and glittering woven bags, of course, you can also add some dye transfer into other colors, is the main characteristics of good tensile strength, very smooth, high brightness, recycled bags generally refers to the color of dark gray and woven bag, through multiple times recycling woven bag pull not so good, the brightness of the color becomes intense darkness without light

The above is the difference between new materials and recycled materials, new materials are more environmentally friendly, higher prices, recycling materials to promote the recycling and recycling of plastics industry, is also a pioneering work!

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