Review of plastics packaging waste recycling process

With the development of economy, packing more and more people pay attention to, product packaging has now become an indispensable part of the product. Have good physical and chemical properties of plastics, has good mechanical properties, free styling, good printing advantages, become the products of choice. At present, each year more than 100 million tonnes of plastics, packaging accounted for more than 30% of the entire market. Plastic packaging has developed rapidly, the key is its price-performance ratio in the material than the present all materials, but after using the packaging is discarded from a recycling perspective, which is not easy to recycle, and difficult to break down large amounts of waste plastic can cause serious pollution of the social environment, also caused many serious social problems. Plastics packaging waste accounted for more than 85% of waste plastic, so recycling and reclamation technologies are also more and more attention.