Plastic packaging: an ignored world

You like it or not, plastic packaging has become an indispensable ingredient in the food system. We bought salads, sandwiches and potato chips will immediately throw out the layer of plastic packaging, which is a waste; however, it is this layer of plastic that make our food can be kept fresh in transit, but we never get to the bottom. Many plastic packaging allows us to walk and eat, or taste the cookies and the other side of the Earth of perishable shipments of fish, they are actually hidden behind a large number of science and inventions. Ailun·buluodi is a food packaging consultant, Associate Professor of food science at the University of Georgia, as he claims, food packaging plastic revolution began in the 1960 's. So use plastic because it is lighter than glass, and paper firm, but also cheaper. But Brody says: "the universal plastic does not exist". We have contacted many bags, are made up of different types of food packaging plastic.