Domestic and foreign use of non-woven bags reflect the difference

Domestic and foreign use of non-woven bags reflect the difference

Nowadays, the so-called non-woven bags that circulate in the market, and a large part of the eco-bags that flow into the consumers' hands, are presented to the consumers free of charge when the merchants promote their products. Not hard to confirm, this channel, has become the way most consumers get green bags. Many consumers in the hands of the basic eco-bags are derived from some businesses, businesses, supermarkets and promotional activities.

And just because of the gimmick of this key word of environmental protection bag, after the promulgation of the "plastic limit order", a wave of environmental protection bag promotion law has risen in our life and has been used up to now, so a lot of custom-made non-woven Cloth bag business bag. Shenzhen Wei Textile Co., Ltd. is from the establishment in 2005 and the growth of non-woven bags made to order manufacturers. However, Xiaobian view, a large part of the current market are stereotyped design of the lack of beauty. The general is a business logo, or the name, send beauty design words, really can not be beautiful. From an advertising point of view, this is unprofessional. Very easy to be limited. So a lot of consumers do not take it seriously. Or, as always, used once when the plastic bag thrown.

Therefore, this phenomenon does not reflect that some consumers use environmental protection bags are environmentalists. Instead, it better reflects that these people have no environmental awareness at all. Logically speaking, those who are willing to use non-woven bags, it should be environmentally friendly concept. However, not in accordance with the normal use of environmentally friendly bags to use, what is the use of green bags.

Recently, Shenzhen, Wei Department of Textile, received a number of customers from abroad consulting custom-made bags of inquiry. It is not hard to see from this point that many foreign countries, under the well protected environment, can still stick to the use of environmental protection bags. It is not hard to find that the environmental protection ideas of these countries are better than those domestically made. The general eco-bags are designed to do some of the environmental protection bags, the market price is 3 --- 5 per each range, and some even more than a dozen. However, people do not think expensive bags do not use it. Instead, they are more able to promote the use of eco-bag consumers can recycle many times. This is also a way to promote eco-friendly bags, but also a constraint to people using environmentally friendly A way of bagging.

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