Difference between non-woven bag hard material and soft material

Difference between non-woven bag hard material and soft material

Daily customer reception from time to time when a customer asks your cloth is soft material is hard material, I will answer our bags are all made of soft material, the end of non-woven bag of soft material and hard material what is the distinction between the two, today Shijiazhuang Yongye packaging is to give you said said;

Non-woven fabrics can have many kinds of fabrics, new materials, common materials, peritoneum material and so on. From the touch point of view, in fact, is the difference between soft and hard

Now hard materials on the market a little bit more, in fact, cloth to be soft or just in the process of production through the control of temperature to achieve. If the temperature is high, the material produced will be softer, otherwise it will be hard.

Soft material feels very soft, close to the real knitted fabric, fabric toughness, tensile strength, not easy to tear, but the fabric soft, the feel will be relatively thin. After the cloth is hard, the weight of the same weight fabric should be much thicker than the material, and a lot of bad non-woven bag manufacturers use this for Jerry building. Because non-woven fabric is also produced by plastic particles, if it is too hard, pulling force is not obvious, very prone to fracture.

Therefore, customers in the custom made non-woven bags, first to their own requirements for positioning, if the importance of feeling and appearance, then do hard fabric. If more attention is paid to the bearing capacity and tensile strength of non-woven bags, soft materials are generally chosen, which will make them stronger

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